The Bridge FAQ


Why is StoneBridge opening a second campus in Millard?
We are at capacity at our current campus and have very limited space for growth on Sunday mornings. After evaluating our options for growth, the leadership strongly believes this is the next step for our church, and the most effective way to accomplish our mission. We believe this for three main reasons: 1) To make room for more of our friends and family on Sunday mornings; 2) To reach people in their own neighborhood; 3) Adding a campus is the most economical way to continue to grow.
Why not just build onto our current campus?
The cost of building something new is far greater than adding space through campuses. We are not abandoning the master plan for our current campus, but becoming a multisite church will propel us forward and maximize our growth and impact in our community.
What is a multisite church?
A multisite church is one church in multiple locations with one staff, one leadership, one board, one budget, and one mission and vision. For StoneBridge, the heart of becoming a multisite church is about our mission – Sharing Christ and Building Believers.
Is the multisite model credible?
Yes, research says there are 8,000 multisite churches in the US today and multisite churches have a 90% success rate.
Where is the new campus?
The new campus is located at 13906 S Plaza, just southeast of the intersection of 144th and Q. The free standing building is in the same parking lot as the Amazing Pizza Machine.
How did we determine where to launch?
The area we selected was based on two primary factors. How far can we expect our neighbors to drive to visit our current campus? And, where do we have a significant number of current members and attendees living beyond that distance?
How will we fund this project?
We are entering into a 3 year capital campaign to fund this project.
Have our previous capital campaigns been successful?
Our first capital campain, Imagine a Place, ran from 2004-2006. $2.1 million was committed, resulting in the purchase of our current property and its original building phase. The second Imagine a Place campaign ran from 2010-2013. $1.5 million was committed, resulting in the addition of the Commons, a new entrance, expanded parking lots, and a secure KidMin area.
How many people could the Millard campus be a church home to?
Based on seat counts and programming space, we are estimating that the Millard campus could be a church home to 600 adults and kids.
How many services will be at the new campus?
We plan to start with two services: 9:30am and 11:00am.
Will there be KidMin programming at the Millard campus?
Yes, birth through 5th grade. Our plan is to take the DNA of our current KidMin and bring it to the Millard campus with the same attention, care, energy, and passion. This includes Sunday morning and Wednesday night programming, special events, and camps.
Will there be Student Ministry programming at the Millard campus?
Yes, middle school and high school small groups will meet on the Millard campus or in homes around the area. Student Ministry, at both campuses, will be together for campus and mission trips. The mid-week worship and teaching service will bring all middle school and high school students together at the same time on the Omaha campus.
Will there be staff dedicated to the Millard campus?
Yes, we plan to launch with three full time staff. We will have a Campus Pastor, KidMin Pastor, and Worship and Tech staff. While this team will be focused on leading the Millard campus, they will remain a part of the larger StoneBridge staff team.
How will the messages be delivered at the Millard campus and what will worship be like?
Messages at the Millard campus will predominately be delivered by video. All of the worship will be led by a live band and in the same style as StoneBridge.
What is the target date for launching the Millard campus?
Assuming permits and construction goes as planned, we will launch fall of 2015.
Are there plans to launch future campuses?
Yes, this is the first of many as we continue to multiply our growth and maximize our impact in all of the Omaha metro.
Can I still attend our current campus even if I live in the Millard area?
If you live in the Millard area, you’re welcome to attend there or stay at our current campus. Please carefully consider what God is leading you to do. Having a location closer to your home will enable you to invite friends and co-workers in your community. Plus, the driving time you’ll save will make it easier for you to serve in a role at the Millard campus.
How will this effect our current campus?
It will effect us in many ways. Space for growth will open up as individuals and families commit to attending the Millard campus. Many volunteer and leadership positions will open up, bringing new opportunities for growth.
What can I do to be a part of the Millard campus?
There are several ways to be involved in this new chapter of StoneBridge’s life. First, pray for our church. The vision to reach more of our community and impact more lives can only happen as God leads and we follow Him. Second, consider attending. You can pick up a commitment card at church or complete one online. Third, serve passionately. Launching this new campus will provide many opportunities to volunteer at both campuses. Finally, make a financial commitment to the capital campaign. We are encouraging our entire church to participate financially in launching this new campus.
How do we make our gifts?
You can give online at or through our mobile app by selecting the fund “The Bridge Campaign.” You can make one-time donations or set up a recurring giving schedule. You can also give by check in service or by mail; be sure to designate “The Bridge Campaign” on the memo line. More Information
When can I start my commitment?
Sunday, May 3, 2015 is Commitment Sunday. Sunday, May 10, 2015 is “first fruits” day where we will receive the first offering for the capital campaign.
Is this commitment in addition to my general fund giving?
Yes, the capital campaign is above and beyond your regular giving.
What do you mean by “not equal giving, but equal sacrifice”?
We believe it is very clear that not everyone can give a gift of $10,000 or more for the capital campaign. But if everyone sacrifices a portion of their lifestyle in order to meet the spiritual needs of others, God can use our sacrifice to multiply our ability to Share Christ and Build Believers.

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