We pride ourselves on offering quality educational programming for kids 2-5 years. The brief descriptions below cover some of the key standards taught to each age group.

School begins September 5th, 2017.

2 Year Olds (Omaha Campus Only):

Monday/Wednesday/Friday Mornings (must be 2 yrs by May 30th)

Tuesday/Thursday Mornings


  • Recognizing numbers and letters

  • Exploring textures, colors, and shapes

  • Communicating with friends

  • Following Instructions

  • Introduction to Name Recognition

  • Age-Appropriate Fine and Gross Motor Skills
Children in the 3 year old, 4’s & 5’s, or High 5’s classes must be toilet trained before attending.

3 Year Olds (Omaha and Millard Campuses):

Monday/Wednesday Mornings

Tuesday/Thursday Mornings

Monday/Wednesday/Friday Mornings


  • Recognizing name

  • Letter recognition

  • Counting with 1 to 1 correspondence

  • Writing first name

  • Number recognition

  • Color and shape recognition

  • Working with scissors and glue

  • Age appropriate fine and gross motor skills

4 & 5 Year Olds (Omaha and Millard Campuses):

Monday/Wednesday/Friday Mornings

Monday/Wednesday/Friday Afternoons

Monday-Friday Mornings


  • Kindergarten prep (getting used to school and classroom routine everyday)

  • Writing first name and begin writing last name

  • Patterning

  • Counting to 10 with 1 to 1 correspondence

  • Letter Recognition both upper and lower case

  • Cutting with scissors and using glue

  • Independence (self care) skills

  • Age-appropriate fine and gross motor skills

  • Letter sounds

High 5's (Omaha Campus Only):

Monday-Friday Mornings (must be 5 by October 31st)

In addition to the goals listed above under “4 & 5 Year Olds” the High 5’s class will also work on:

  • Beginning reading skills

  • Use of sight words in applicable situations

  • Introduction of journaling

  • Exploring counting in different ways

  • High level problem solving skills